Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter From Mission Pres.

This letter is a little late, we received it on the 15th of October, But I didn't get the chance to get it typed in until now.

Dear Brother and Sister Nielsen,
Sister Nielsen Arrived in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission Safely and in very good spirits! We are thankful that your daughter has been called to serve with us here in theirs great mission. It is a privilege to work with the finest young women and men in the world as we teach the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will receive it.

We have enclosed a photo of sister Nielsen taken with us on her arrival at the mission home. We are excited to have the opportunity to become acquainted with your daughter and to feel of her spirit and testimony.

Our goal is to have every missionary grow in the gospel and succeed in this very sacred calling. it will be a joy to watch her reach her full potential as a missionary. We know she will have sacred experiences, as she is obedient and dedicated to the work . we hope you will also support your daughter by writing or emailing her uplifting and encouraging letters. Missionaries struggle when they hear disturbing news from home. They can't stay focused on the work and they worry too much about home. Missionary work can be challenging and they need your weekly letters to give them spiritual strength and encouragement, not concerns about home.

We are so thankful that your prepared your daughter to enter the mission field where she will continue to be strengthened and grow in the sospel. We know it is a sacrificeto give up your daughter for eighteen omnths, but the Lord loves her and needs her to build the kingdom in the Georgia, Atlanta North Mission . We are grateful to serve with your daughter and will certainly take care of her and lover her as if she were our own. May the Lord bless you and your family for making this sacrifice and sharing Sister Nielsen with us for the next eighteen months.


President Mark A Wolfert and Sister Carol A. Worlfert

Georgia Atlanta North Mission.

Sister Merback is the one in the black shirt with the red belt. She really helped Dannika When she got to the MTC. they entered the same time, were in the same district in the MTC and both went to the same mission.

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