Monday, February 17, 2014


So let me tell you about my week! But before i get to that, i hope you all feel some sort of accomplishment! Today we finish the book of mormon! how great is that! I know i feel accomplished having read through it again! This book has changed my life and it continues to do so every time i read it! I hope that not only did you read it, but that you let the words change your heart and nature. we come closer to god by reading this book! i was watching Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration this morning for comp study and i was so moved by the sacrifice tha Joseph Smith made to bring this record to light! This book is trueQ and i am so gateful that we have it to read! Well family, i thank you for reading along with me and i hope that yall enjoyed it as much as i did, and i cant wait to see yall and hear abut your own personal stories with this book of mormon challenge! 

Ok so now let me getto the rest of my week! So as many of you might have heard, the south got hit with winter storms. Georgia is not equipped to deal with winter weather because it hardley ever snows here so they just odont have the equipment for it! so tuesday wednesday and thursday we were stuck in our apartments ALL DAY LONG.... boy that make for LONG days! there is absoutely nothing to do in a missionary apartment. ehhh so here i am thinking "great, my last week as a missionary and i get stuck in my apartment all day long" i was kinda bummed about that. So as i made phone calls to some of my converts in previous areas, and i talked with Karlin!! you may remember him from y previous emails, but he was the ex marine that i taught in suwanee. when i called him he told me all about how he had all these friends in the ward and the he has gone to the temple and done the work for his mom and dad and grandparents and he is looking forward to doing more of his family history and taking more names to the temple. he thanked me for helping him make the transition to the church and to such a wonderful ward family... i cant take any credit for it i was just simply the instrument in the lords hands to makek that happen! i should be the one saying thank you for letting me be a part of his transition. My heart was so full of joy as he kept telling me how he was doing and how much he loved the gospel! and i thought! "wow, tht right there just made my day and my week.... i will die a happy missionary" :) but the lord doesn't just stop with that, he blessed me even more... so last night we were heading form dinner and i noticed that we had a call from an number i din't recognize so i called it back and it was another one of my investigators, bu he never got baptized. I love this man and i always knew that one day he would be baptized... and when i left that area i left him a notebook with my testimony in it... anyway so i am talking with him, and he takes down the info for the farewell fireside and the call is about to close and he says " oh and by the way, did i tell you the i got baptized?" My heart about burst with happiness i started to cry as i told him how proud i was of him and how happy this news made me and he began to cry as well and we both were just sobbing on the phone together and he managed to get out through his tears "Sister Nielsen thank you so much for your help and for not giving up on me! Family, there are not words to describe the joy that i felt. There are not ways to describe it. it is somethnig that has to be felt for yourself. This news has made my entire mission worth it. I am walking in air!!! and i can't even tell you how i feel, that is the frustating part! But soon i will see you and i will be able to tell you the story in person and hopefully that will give you abetter idea of how i felt! 
Well family i love you so much and i am excited to see you, i will see you soon
Love! ya      

Sister Dannika Nielsen

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am so excited to bare my testimony

So I hope that cycle works called you... I took my bike in last Monday... and they said that they would get everything squared away.

Well this week was pretty great... had a few tough days, but that happens! We had a baptism on Saturday! Our 9 year old investigator was baptized! I am so proud of him! I love this little kiddo so much! And his family is incredible! im so excited to watch him grow in the gospel!

We had a neat experience this week, we were checking on less active members, it was like 7:30 pm and we walk up to a door to see if this member will let us in. We knocked on the door and a man answers the door... we ask for the member and he tells us that she has recently passed away :( He is her son. I then had the prompting to ask him if he was a member... he said no, but that he would be interested in hearing more, because he needs something more in his life with the recent loss of his mom and now his dad is in the hospital and things aren't looking good. He is totally open and humble! I could hear the sadness in his voice as he continued to talk to us. My heart ached for him, but also rejoiced for him too, because I know that Christ is his savior and that the gospel can heal even his deepest hurt. I know, because that is what it has done for me! The atonement is such a wonderful thing! I am so excited to begin teaching him... unfortunately, I wont be here for his entire process, but I am so excited to bare my testimony to him and let him know that everything will be fine! I love the gospel, I love the change it brings about in people's lives and I love to watch as people who have been worn by life's trials start to trust God, and they make changes and then they allow the savior to mold them into the person that he sees them as! they become happier, not because life is perfect, but because they now know that there is someone that they can turn to when life. I love the scripture in 2 Nephi 25:26 that says "And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." and I would add " the ease of their burdens, the mending of their broken hearts, the erasing of their doubt, fear and discouragement, everything that we face in this life can be eased by the savior through is infinite atonement. This is the most important work to our father in heaven, to make sure that all his children know of Christ and his atonement so that they can utilize it in their lives for their salvation!
Well I hope yall are still reading along in the book of Mormon... I realized that I may have counted wrong because looks like we will be finished a bit before I get home.... :)

well family, have a great week.... ill see you soon!   
Sister Dannika Nielsen

Monday, February 3, 2014

The weather im sure your heard was crazy this week...

The weather im sure your heard was crazy this week... we were told to stay in our apartment for 2 days while the winter storm passed... we didn't get trapped in our car for 20 hours like alot of the Georgians trying to make it home from work.... the rest of the week was pretty much me getting over what ever i have caught... ive been sick for the past week... yuck.
nothing to great to report... i hope you are having a good week... i'm sure you are busy due to the fact that i didn't get an email from anyone (but i guess you'll just see me in two weeks so what's the point right?)... hope all is well 
talk to you soon

Sister Dannika Nielsen