Monday, January 6, 2014

I Must Say!!!!

I have to admit, i am getting a little excited for Dannika to come home, but i tear up every time i think that these letters will someday come to an end. I have watched a very scared young woman go out into the mission field afraid to talk to people, and i have watched and read as she has blossomed and been able to have promises fulfilled that if she would just open her mouth, the Lord would put what needed to be said there. Time and Time again, she has professed of the reality of this promise being fulfilled.
I am going to miss the missionary letters. I really had torn feelings in the beginning when i saw her struggle with fear, anxiety and depression. I cant count the times when i wanted to fly to Georgia and save her....But She didn't need my Saving....She needed to trust in the lord and learn that he loved her for the sacrifice she was giving, and he helped her to not only find words, but to be an awesome missionary. He helped her to see that we don't all have to think or believe the same....the Lord loves us all. And I can venture to say, she has grown in ways that she never would have, if she would have stayed home.....
WE are so thankful for the missionary letters home, and re excited to have her home and moving on with her next step in life.....

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