Monday, April 1, 2013

Slow Week...but the work goes on

So it sounds like all is well in the Nielsen home! life is carrying on as usual. :)
well this past week had been a bit of a downer as far as finding investigators goes... Sister Reese and i are out tracting all the time but having little success... but we keep positive, because nothing good comes when we are discouraged.... discouragement weakens faith... and we defiantly dont want that
We are trying to work with this awesome mother of 4 who seem super elect, but every time we set up an appointment something always happens to prevent her from meeting with us.... Satan is hard at work... but we keep trying because we know that god is greater and it will all come together when and how it is supposed to.
I had the opportunity to go back to Suwanee on Saturday to  support one of my investigators at his baptism! what a great day that was! There is nothing better than walking into a stake center and hearing running water as the baptismal font is being filled, and the one that we have come to love gets dressed in white and you can see the light of Christ shining in their eyes! What a miracle! i love it the only thing i can think of that would match it would be to hold your children in your arms for the first time! I am so blessed to get to witness these great things and to be aiding in the moving forward of the Lords work. I also got to see Sister Henderson.... awww how i miss them! it was good to see members from the Suwanee ward too and my old comp and the Suwanee elders! ehhh i didn't want to leave!  
So yesterday we (sister Reese the Assistants and i) all had dinner @ president and sister wolferts home... it was so nice to be there with them.. The Assistants volunteered us to give the spiritual thought after dinner and to be completely honest i was SO nervous! but it turned out beautifully i just bore powerful testimony of the atonement and my experiences with its enabling power and the spirit was right there testifying to the hearts of all who were in the room that my words were true.... i love the spirit! because no matter how in-eloquent your words are, if the spirit is there, it doesn't matter! but after that thought, sister wolfert just told everyone at the table that she knew that i had indeed applied the atonement in my life here on the mission because of my rough start she said that i could have easily have chosen to give up and go home, but i didn't and they wer so proud of me for it! i was so honored that she would say those things about me... and then she called me her poster child... oh boy, i don't know if i would go that far, because i am far from perfect, ha ha but i just thought that was funny. I so love President and Sister Wolfert, i didn't ever think i could become close to them, but i know now that they will forever be in my heart. i am so glad for the relationships that i have been making here on my mission, they are some that will remain with me forever!
I am learning so much out her and i am loving almost every minute of it... there are still some rough days, but i know that with the lord as my guide, i CAN get through them... the most wonderful thing about having a testimony, is being able to help others.... because i know that Christ died for us to free us from sin and ease our burdens, i can tell people with surety that he lives and that all things through him can be made right and can be eased.... i know this with all my heart to be true!  I can't even imagine what it would be like to not have this knowledge... life would be so much harder! I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ! he is MY enabler he has helped me get through some challenges that i thought i would NEVER be able to get through! and i know he can be that for every person on this earth... IF they will but let him... the key word being if.... (as my grandpa wells says and i will never forget) "it's such a small word, but it has such a powerful meaning, because it requires us to act" But, when we do act... Heavenly Father can not withhold the blessings he has promised. His hand is continuously outstretched, he is ALWAYS waiting for us to come unto him! and when we do, he will with loving arms welcome us!
Family i love Yall so much and i hope that during this easter season and through out the year, you are remembering your savior and what he has done for you.... i do truly stand all amazed at the love he offers me! I will never be able to adequately express my feelings toward my savior, that is why i am glad that the Lord looks on the heart, because my heart sings his praise when my words can not!
I love you and hope your week is awesome!
Love with all my heart 
Sister Dannika Nielsen

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