Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey Family! 
So this week has drastically improved from last week and this email does not even begin to do it justice. So we have been working with this girl. she is 24 and has 4 little girls and she is amazing!
So we taught her the Restoration about 2 weeks ago and tried and tried to get in and teach her the plan of salvation for two weeks and we were starting to get discouraged because we know that she is so prepared... but finally we were able to get in with her and teach her the plan of salvation... and what happens next made the weeks o discouragement worth every second!
So as we laid out our visual for the Plan of Salvation, as we explained that we lived with our heavenly father before we came to the earth, she gasped and looked up at us with tear filled eyes and asked "are you serious?" we explained that we were completely serious and she stopped and just sobbed and then when she had composed herself, she looked at us and appoligized for her crying and then she explained that for her entire life, she has always felt that there was more to this life and that she believed that she lived with god before this life, but when she would try to talk to her family about it they would always tell her that she was crazy, over and over again she would hear this and she was beginning to think that they were right and beginning to loose hope. so when she heard this message, she was filled with peace. 
I can't even begin to tell you about the power that was in this lesson. Family, i have never seen a reaction quite like hers, and i will never forget it as the spirit told her heart that the things we were telling her were true, and her light turned on and for the first time in her life she discovered the truth and knew that there was a purpose to this life. by the end of the lesson she said 
"sisters, im a momron, thats it, i have to be a mormon" so needless to say, but im gonna say it anyway, she has a date for the 5th of may! :) 
We went over there last night and taught her the Gosple of Jesus Christ and it was another powerful lesson, the spirit was so strong and i knew that i was teaching by the spirit because my mind was clear and our mouths were filled with the perfect words that she needed to hear... and i could have talked all night but i needed to let my comp teach her part of the lesson! ;) we now have a baptism to prepare for... my greenie will see a baptism... i unfortunatly have the feeling that i will be getting transferred on the 1st of may so i wont get to see it all the way through. But at least she is getting baptized! We worked hard this week and we were blessed far beyond what we thought we could be... the lord does that, he blesses us far beyond what we ever expect... God is Great! 
well family i love you and i hoe you all are enjoying your week.       
LOVE Sister Dannika Nielsen

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