Monday, June 17, 2013


well This week was a pretty good week... let me take you through my week!
Monday was p-day! we ate vegetarian spaghetti... yummy! it was actually pretty good!
Tuesday we had zone training meeting and I gave a training... yay... I still hate public speaking... but oh well! I was working on an art project for E. Thompson and E. Gardner so I brought those to them before they left for transfers... they turned out really neat! it was nothing to great it was just the University of Georgia logo on a small cement bulldog mascot.... we almost didn't get to have a lesson with sunshine because she couldn't get a ride to the lesson... but we arranged for a ride to get her there! and did get to teach her a lesson! yay... so she is scheduled for june 30th for baptism. we invited sunshine to the departing missionary fireside the next night! we found out that Sunshine is the daughter of a Less active member in the ward... but sunshine never got baptized crazy! 
Wednesday... was the Departing Missionary Fireside and since we had sunshine coming with us we were able to go to it! and that is were I met up with sister galt! I LOVE that woman! and I got to say good bye to my two favorite zone leaders E Thompson and E Edmunds... I can't believe they are going home... they were my first ZL's when I first came out... im gonna miss them! But the fireside was amazing... the spirit was so strong as 12 of the lords servants bore sincere and humble testimony of the truth of his gospel... I felt the spirit differently than I usually do... instead of becoming emotional or feeling goose bumps I felt a burning with in my heart... and it stayed there till we left and when I got up the next morning I was still feeling it! It was so amazing! I was SO glad sunshine was there to hear their testimonies! I left there filled with the spirit... it was incredible!
Thursday was awesome... ha ha! We had a service project scheduled for 12:00 we got in our car to go and I listened and something sounded funny.... yep we had a flat.... ehhhh nooooo so I pulled into a parking space and called the sister we were going to help out and told her that we had a flat. she said she would come and pick us up... so we left the car there and rode with her to her house... we did yard work... it was so much fun... but in this Georgia heat... you sweat so bad!... it's so gross! anyway after we finished there we went home and I had to change a tire... and guess what... I knew how to change a tire... wanna know how I knew... ha ha because I have a BOSS of a father who said his girls needed to know how to change a tire! so I totally saved the day! booyeah! then we sat in Pep boys for the next two hours, we had to get a whole new tire... the wire thing that I ran over was just on the edge to where it couldn't be patched... of course!
That evening an incredible thunderstorm rolled in. I LOVE the storms out here. I feel so bad because while I am enjoying every minute of the storm my comp is freaking out because she hates storms they make her uneasy. sad days!
we ate with the hyde family on Friday, they are amazing! I helped him with pointers on installing his windows in his house... I told him that I had a boss of a dad who helped us to install windows in our own rooms... and I told him how to do the caulk lines... ha ha it was great! That evening we went and met with Ed he was a jewish guy that told us if we would come back that he would write our names in Hebrew so we stopped by and he wrote our names for us then he sang form the Torrah for us and let us look at it... Hebrew is a pretty language... it was really neat to meet him... he was such a good guy. he told us that some Christians still judge him because he is jewish and "his" people killed Christ.... wow really... I think if Christ could forgive them for what they did... who are they to hold a grudge... and especially if they claim to be Christians and profess to follow Christ! it's Really sad... he was such a good man... I love him!
Saturday we taught a POWERFUL lesson to a returning member.... at the end I began to promise he blessings for reading and praying about the book of Mormon and the spirit completely took over and it promised some pretty powerful stuff... things that she specifically needed... I can not take credit for it... because I know it was all the spirit! it was so great to feel the spirit work through me... to be a powerful instrument in the lords hands... greatest feeling ever!
Sunday was incredible...I was able to get some answers to some long asked questions it was great! I loved it! I love the way heavenly father works... he really does know each of us individually of this I can testify!
well family there are a TON of other missionaries who need to get on the computer so I love you all and I hope to talk to you soon!

love you so much
Sister Dannika Nielsen

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