Monday, June 10, 2013


Well this week was pretty good!
We had our lesson with Sunshine this week. It went very well. She also brought 3 of her friends... they were really involved in the lesson, making comments and answering questions and what not. they were super awesome! we invited them all to be baptized... but the three friends said that they had already been baptized... but Sunshine accepted! so this week we will give her a date!
but we will also go into more detail on the importance of the authority and hopefully help the girls understand it!
We also taught another man, that we have tried to get in with since last transfer! We finally got in and taught him the first lesson... but im not so sure if his intent is the most sincere... but we will see with his next lesson if he has kept his commitment to read the Book of Mormon.
We also taught another man that we have been trying to teach since sister cefalo got here, he seems great! he is a true seeker and he wants a stronger relationship with his heavenly father and he wants to know the truth! I am really excited to teach him!
Then on Saturday we taught a woman who is a Baptist minister... yikes! we have talked to her onetime before and she seemed really sincere when she said she would read the Book of Mormon and then she said that she wanted to meet with us and talk about it... so on Saturday we brought the bishop with us to answer her questions... it was pretty much her and her friends picking apart our articles of faith and the book of Mormon and in the sickly sweet southern hospitality way they told us that we were wrong! and that modern revelation went against the bible... and yatta yatta yatta! she was so hung up on the tiniest details and made things way more complicated than needed... all the issues that they brought up could be clearly explained by scriptures in the bible... but we were NOT there to bash... they were closed minded... I tried to explain that the book of Mormon went hand in hand with the bible and she quickly told me it wasn't true... she said the book of Mormon does not go hand in hand with the bible... but she hadn't even read it!
Well i'm glad that Bishop was with us... he helped her to at least understand that we did believe a lot of the same things... that was interesting.
people believe some interesting things... I am so glad that we have moder day revelation and a prophet and that our doctrines are simple and easy to understand... I love this gospel...

Transfers are this week... and ill be staying in Lilburn since im training... anyway, have a good week Y'all
Sister Dannika Nielsen

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