Monday, August 5, 2013

OH MY WHAT! So this week was a crazy one!

we were late for district meeting on tuesday, but we got a new investigator because of it! so that's a plus! my new district is great!
after district meeting we went and tracted some more and found another new investigator! woo hoo! then we exchanged with the woodstock sisters... they are the STL's for the marrietta zone and so they helped us to learn the ropes of our new position! fter the exchange sister hamilton and i worked on putting together an exchange calendar for both roswell zone and lilburn zone... we are over both... i don't know if i told yall that... but we cover two zones for now. we are lucky anymore to be in bed early... we now work right up till 10:30 with figuring out plans for exchanges and calling our sisters and making sure they know who we are and tht we are there to help.. it also helps us to assess who needs exchanges sooner or later... we are also in almost coconstant contact with our zone leaders and the lilburn zone leaders and various district leaders to make sure we can get all the needs of the sisters.. it's exhausting... when 10:30 rolls around i am beat and beyond ready for bed.  6:30 comes WAY to early... but then we start all over again... this is fun work, but it is exhausting in every possible way! Thursday and Friday we spent over 12 hours in meetings.. they were awesome meetings the spirit was great and i felt totally pumped to take on missionary work! but feeling the spirit so strongly doesn't come without a price... by the end of each meeting i was exhausted. after the meeting on Thursday we took one of the STL's from athens zone back to our apartment with us and her comp went with the woodstock STLs so they wouldn't have to drive all the way back to their place, just to turn around and come back the next day for Friday's meeting, because our apartment is literally on the other side of the freeway from where i was in lilburn... but sister Wardel (athens STL) came with us and we went and taught one of our part member families.... and i was amazed at how well we all taught together... we blended so perfectly and the spirit was incredibly strong... i know that the family felt it! The stake president was there with us and after the lesson he walked out of their house and said "WOW, that was a great lesson, you sisters are the greatest teachers!" we told him that it wasn't us, it was the spirit... she said that may be true, but the lord needs awesome missionaries to teach his Gospel... and you three are AWESOME missionaries!"
That was so kind of him to say! we left the appointment and we still had about half an hour before we could go home so we knocked some doors... not a ton of luck, but it's all about being obedient... finally we went home and i was beat! I gave sister wardel my bed and i made a bed on the floor and i don't think i layed down for more than 2 minutes before i was asleep.... we had to be up early the next day...1 bathroom and 3 girls... all having to be ready by 8:00am for leadership training meeting the next morning... Morning cam way to fast... but we had a great day of meetings ahead of us... Sister Hamilton and i had to give a 45 minute training... you would think that after almost a year of giving trainings and talking in front of people that I'd be used to it....NOPE... it still scares the living day lights out of me.
Elder Giddens of the 70 came and spoke to us! It was great the spirit was high again, and again i left absolutely exhausted...
The rest of the week was spent weekly planning and planning exchange details and day to day missionary work... I've been tired on my mission, but this calling is taking it to a whole new level.... i am tired tired tired... but i never cease to be amazed at the miracles that happen as i am obedient and i LOVE being obedient... it truly does bring happiness!
I welcomed P-Day this morning... a time to relax and take it easy for a few hours... ha ha but we have a lesson with a potential at 3:00 today... :) We can sacrifice one hour... Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven! :)
well family, how is our reading going? This week was actually kinda rough for me... i had to play some catch up... with all the meetings we had this week, we didn't have time to study in the morning... but i am all caught up and still reading through the Isaiah chapters.We are almost through them though... so hang in there... Family i have so enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon through with yall! This has been so much fun to do i hope that you are loving it too! i love yall so much! Well we are fixin to go play some killer bunnies with our district so ill let yall go 
Talk to you soon!
Love ya bye

Sister Dannika Nielsen

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