Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfered to JOHNS CREEK, GA & Now the Sister Training Leader

Hi Family! This week has been a bit crazy so lets start with Monday... Monday morning study was great stress level was normal but ill say it was at about a 2 because excitement for transfer calls... then i found out that president wanted me to be a sister training leader in roswell with sister hamilton as my comp... stress level is now at a 5...  we spent the rest of the day emailing cleaning and i packed... yay! Tuesday was bitter sweet.. today i said my good byes to the people whom i have grown to love. But i was able to bare testimony to each of them of Christ and so the spirit was with us all day long... i was able to commit one of our less active members who absolutely refuses to step foot into a church building to come for my farewell fireside in February... long way out i know, but she said she would come and see me off then... thus stepping foot inside a church building.... plus i KNOW that she won't be able to leave that building without feeling the spirit. so that will be great for her! I was able to get a priesthood blessing from the bishop which helped to calm my nerves and give me some comfort and counsel from my Heavenly Father! I needed that! i love that heavenly father allows worthy men to hold and use this power.. it truly is a blessing in my life! i know my Heavenly Father loves me because he allows for his priesthood to be here on the earth today! by now my Stress Level is a 3! Wednesday... TRANSFER DAY... dun dun dun... i was surprisingly calm, sister hamilton showed up at the church building at about 8:30 we said good bye to our comps and headed out for johns creek. the apartment is super cute and the nicest apartment ive lived in so far... the ward sounds amazing and so missionary minded! we taught met a less active man, he was the first person i met here in johns creek... and he is great, he is retired, but his wife works so he is at home all day by himself and he gets lonely so we talked with him. he is an old rancher and LOVES to deer hunt! he told us all kinds of stories! He is very familiar with Idaho cuz that is where he likes to hunt! I liked having someone to talk to about home! He invited us back on Saturday to help him paint his house! then we went and taught some of "our"now progressing investigators and i found out just how amazing sister hamilton is and figured out what all i lack!  Then the rest of the week has defiantly been humbling. i've felt like ive taken a step back about 7 months and im back to that scared little missionary that struggled through her days. My companion is amazing she is such a great teacher and even though i am technically the "senior" companion i still feel far far inferior to her... it's been a struggle. I ve found myself wondering if ive even learned anything from the past 10 months... my faith is defiantly being tried and Satan is there at every turn to capitalize on my insecurities. Ive defiantly spent a few nights crying myself to sleep. but finally i told heavenly father that i refused to go back to the place that i was in, in the first three months of my mission. I am not going to go back there. i can't go back there. if i do, what i've learned would all be for nothing! So i have taken the things i have learned from that struggle and i have tried earnestly to apply them to this situation... i find myself doing a lot of positive self talk and also just praying silently to my Father to get me through this struggle. ive had to really be patient with myself, this is certainly hard to do, but if ive learned anything, i've learned that it is not impossible. Ive learned that faith is Christ will get us through anything! ive spent the last 10 months telling and testifying of this to people in suwanee and lilburn and now i am again having to put it to the test her in Johns Creek! My stress level from Wednesday to now has been far above a 10... and we haven't even started our duties as STLs... if i don't die because of this it will be a miracle! ha ha!  Oh and we also found out that not only are we over the Roswell zone, but we also take in the lilburn zone too... that is 16 sisters we take care of, teach and train... oh boy... im pretty sure the Lord has called me here to be the one to get trained, because i hardly feel like i can help these sisters... they are already so amazing.. they will probably train me! in fact, i know they will train me! i really am the lucky one... i get to learn form all these great sisters!
Well family, how is the reading going? i know it's alot of Isaiah chapters and they are hard to make any sense of... well at least they are for me... yall my not have problems with them... but what i like to do is pick out little bits and pieces that stick out to me... like this morning for instance... in 2 nephi 13 i only highlighted a few verses :10 "Say unto the righteous that it will be well with them; for they will eat the fruit of their doing" The reward for the righteous will be sweet , but the reward for the wicked will be bitter... i don't know about yall, but if i have to eat the fruit of my works... i want it to taste good....
:13 and 14 This is what i got out of it. this is just my opinion...  i loved it because it talks of how christ will judge us... but first he pleads for us and then he joins with the prophets and apostles, bishops and stake presidents etc. all the judges in israel to judge us... we will have panel of judges so to speak to help plead our cause, not people who don't know us, but people we have worked with and who love us... we have such a loving Heavenly Father who wants to give us all the possible chances for success that he can... ive learned a bit about the way heavenly father loves us as i have pondered and thought about the kind of STL i want to be... Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and he never does anything to benefit himself... everything he does is for the benefit of his children... and that is what i want to emulate as i interact with these sisters... i want to help them love their missions as much as i love mine, i want to help them strengthen their testimonies in their savior i want to help them experience the powers of the atonement for themselves... i want to love them like i know that my Father in Heaven loves me... i really am excited for this opportunity to serve these sisters... but that only makes me stress out more... because i want to be the best STL that Heavenly Father wants to make me!     
Keep reading the book of mormon... i know it will help to strengthen you as you struggle with things in your life. the scriptures hold the answers to our prayers and will help us strengthen our faith Jacob 4:6. If you want to speak with your heavenly father... pray... if you want heavenly father to speak to you... read your scriptures... i know this is true... God does speak to his children through his holy scriptures.. i have found this to be true here on my mission. am i the best at applying, but i know it's true and i know that through the atonement of my savior Jesus Christ, i can be cleansed and perfected... i love this Gospel and i love my savior. well family, wish me luck this week. i love you all

Sister Dannika Nielsen

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