Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Elder Oaks is coming!!!

 Elder Oaks from the twelve is coming to our mission to talk with us!! Yay my first apostle on my mission! I am SO EXCITED!
Oh and I am being transferred to Lawrenceville... back to the Lilburn stake for me! and there is another sister there who is training, her name Is sister Nelson... ha ha a sister Nielsen and a sister Nelson in the same ward... that is gonna be confusing!
Oh and I am also training a new missionary... ive been called to train again... president told me to tell you that he says I am one of the best missionaries in the mission... I don't know if I believe that, but I a definitely one of the oldest... ha ha!
So, things are going well... we have 3 investigators on date for baptism... of course now that I am leaving... but that's ok.
I am really nervous to train again, I know I have done it twice before, but I really jut hope that I can measure up to the challenge...

have a good week!

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