Tuesday, October 22, 2013

it's the Roach Motel, but we call it home.... eeeek!

Well family I have been transferred to Lawrenceville with my new companion whom I am training, sister Snyder, she I a brand new 19 year old sister and she is great! upon arriving to our new area we were greeted by SEVERAL cockroaches... the carpet was crawling with the lil buggers! we had the office come and spray... and they are slowly dying off, but every night while we plan... one will get brave and run across my desk... and now instead of screaming like a little girl I just kill them... and yes, with my bare hands... because they are so fast, I don't have time to run and get a shoe... so I have become skilled in killing the nasty critters!
our apartment is actually in the boundaries of the Lilburn ward which borders the Lawrenceville ward... so there are members in the complex who i've eaten with while I was in Lilburn... kinda crazy!

Anyway, we are, what we call "white- washing" we are a brand new set of missionaries so we know nothing about the area, and we have no investigators to teach we know no one... it's challenging, but we just keep workin hard. the work keeps on moving forward...
I am really excited to hear from Elder Oaks this week as he will be speaking to your mission on Saturday!
I am loving my mission still and I am so glad that I have served! this has been the greatest experience of my life and will continue to produce blessings throughout my life
well family I hope that you all are having a great week
LOVE!! ya !!

Sister Dannika Nielsen

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