Monday, November 18, 2013

I love this gospel and I LOVE the book of Mormon!

Nothing much to say here, just the same as last week!
We do have someone on date for the 7th of December! so that's pretty exciting! but other than that, it's pretty much finding finding finding.... we did meet some rather colorful people this week though.
We met a Russian Pentecostal family they weren't interested in our message, but they let us into their home to pray with them, the mother pulled several scarves out of a drawer and they all covered their heads to pray... we all bowed our heads and as soon as I went to start the prayer... all four of them began to pray out loud in Russian they were each saying their own prayer... so I just sat and listened... I wasn't going to compete and try to talk over them. when they finished we thanked them and left. it was so interesting to see how they worshiped their savior. They are good people and they worship their savior the best they know how. I could really feel that they were a very spiritual family and they were very devoted to their faith... these kinds of people  will accept the gospel one day... maybe not in this life because they are so devoted to their faith at the time, but that is the beauty of the gospel, they will have the opportunity to accept it in the next life! 
Well family, I hope that y'all are still reading along with me. Alma is a good book of scripture... a lot of it is war, but I think we can still learn so much about how God works and how Satan works... we can see the pride cycle and we can learn how to recognize it in our own lives... I love the chapters in alma where Moroni is preparing his armies for war... and because he is a righteous man, and he has the lord on his side to guide him, he stays one step ahead of the Lamanites. we too can stay one step ahead of the enemy as we rely on a loving heavenly father, he will show us what we can do to keep ourselves safe in this world.
I love this gospel and I LOVE the book of Mormon!
Well family I love y'all
have a good week
Sister Dannika Nielsen
PS: so for the month of December you may send things directly to my apartment... this it to keep the work load off of the office staff... with over 200 missionaries there will be ALOT of mail coming in over the holiday season The address to my apartment is

1245 Britian Dr. Lawrenceville Ga.... im not sure of the zipcode, but ill get it to yall later!  

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