Monday, January 14, 2013

First Transfer

Dannika Sent her very first trainer home last week. WE knew that the week would be hard for her. she has had a hard time lately. But We know the lord is mindful of her and her situation...he keeps proving it with his tender mercies....Dannika still is holding on and going forward. She is such an example to us all....

Hi Family,
   Well i didn't die last week at transfer time, but it was really hard. I've made it almost one week... but honestly i had nothing to do with it. i know my Heavenly Father has carried me through all of it, and He will continue to carry me until i can feel confident enough to walk on my own beside him. And then just about that time, ill have another struggle I'm sure. We are constantly relying on the Lord, that is something i am learning to do very well. I realize that i can not do this work alone... this is the Lords work and we have to let him lead it. 
   So my new comp's name is Sister Worthington she is from colorado springs. she is very sweet, we get along well and we teach very well together. She has been out for about 9 months. I like her. 
   I have seen some pretty awesome things this week. I finally got a hold of the Australian lady that i contacted in the park a few months back... we are going over to see her on wednesday. so that is pretty exciting! The Lavoie family is still doing AWESOME. I love them so much. we went to their house on thursday and taught the restoration again with their home teachers, it was pretty powerful. James shared his testimony about the spirit. It is times like that and lessons like that, where i am so happy to be here. i get to watch people come closer to their Heavenly Father, i get to watch as they change their lives and become happier than they were before, i get to watch as their testimony of  their savior grows and they become closer to him... this is the most joyful feeling i have ever felt thus far in my life! 
   Saturday was a pretty awesome day too... about 2 1/2 months S. berrett and i contacted into this man who let is into his home and we taught a 1st (lesson) and he told us that we could come back in like three months... well saturday we were walking down his street and he happened to come out of his house right as we were walking by he recognized us and... called out to us and said that he didn't have time today, but he had a sermon prepared for us and he wanted us to come over. So we will probably get over there next saturday and listen to his sermon... we have our testimonies prepared in case he tries to bash.... but im not to worried about that because he wasn't a very confrontational guy when we were there the first time.
   We prayed with a Baptist Minister in her driveway. That was pretty cool. she was on her way to see someone in the hospital and we asked if we could pray for this person and she accepted it enthusiastically. so right there in her driveway we offered a prayer for this woman... 
    We have an appointment to teach a lady on wednesday... i feel pretty good about her. on saturday we asked if we could come into her home and say a prayer and leave a blessing on her home. she let us in and we offered the blessing and when we finished she described how she was feeling and we testified to her that it was the holy spirit of god and that we had a unique message that we wanted to share with her, and give her that opportunity to have that feeling with her all the time. She invited us back!!! 
WOW! i can't believe that Taran will be leaving soon! that is so exciting That is so awesome! i have a letter going out to  them today actually! !... as you will see my letter, i am doing a bit better. it is hard to send a missionary home...(sister barrett)  because i will admit i often wished i was in her place... but everyone tells me to give it 6-9 months and it will become easier... im hoping it is only six and not nine ha ha. but i think there are good things in store for this transfer!
I hope all is going well there and i hope that everyone is in good health.
I love you all 
love Sister Dannika Nielsen. 

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