Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lord is merciful....

Wow this week has been amazing!
   Ill start by telling you how much i love you all and telling you that i know that this gospel is true and that testimony is only strengthened EVERYDAY as i get to watch the Lord perform miracles in the lives of people that i have come to love out here!
So we are teaching this really elect family that we found while we were contacting... we have taught them the first 2 lessons and they are loving it, and we have become pretty close to them. The wife has all these awesome questions and she is so inquisitive and just cant learn enough. She says that everything that we teach her makes sense and the husband is loving it and loves all that we teach as well. his dad was a minister for a church and he said that his dad had preached a lot of the same things, but he welcomes the differences. they are so awesome!
   Then we are teaching a single mother of 3 and she is great! our first lesson with her we talked about the holy ghost and she loved it! we go back tomorrow and teach the restoration we are so excited to teach her because she is just so sweet and she recognizes that she is searching for truth... she is visiting with the Jehovah's Witnesses too... yikes... but we don't let that get to us because we know that what we have is TRUE and that with her sincerity, she WILL find the truth of our teachings.
ok... so now for the crowing event of the week.... are you ready! :)
   So last sunday the 20th, we met with Sam our 19 year old investigator, and before this we had prayed and prayed to know of a date that woe should have in mind for her to be baptized, and we both felt impressed to invited her to be baptized on Feb 2nd... So last week we had a lesson with her and it was very powerful, the spirit was undeniable. we are counseld to extend invitations when the spirit is the strongest... so.... at that point, i took a deep breath and prayed and asked to be stopped if it was not right, then i went for it, i invited her to be baptized on the 2nd of feb. and my comp backed me up and it cam together beautifully... and Sam freaked out a little bit, but said that she wouldn't agree to the date, but she would at least think about it.... after the lesson i was a bit discouraged because i didn't know if it was right to have asked her... but my comp said that she had recieved confirmation that it was, as soon as the date crossed my lips... so now it was up to me to try to receive my own confirmation about this. So of course, i wouldn't be me if i hadn't had every possible doubt and discouragement cross my mind, so i spent the rest of the week thinking and praying and doubting and fretting about what i had invited.... finally i had just asked heavenly father to give me peace of mind about the lesson... then, Sunday came, (last night) and we had another lesson with Sam and not only did my heavenly father put my mind at ease, but he let me watch as he worked a miracle right before my eyes....
   We opened the lesson with a prayer, and then asked Sam about her week and what she had thought about in regards to the invitation that we left her.... and she was like oh... you mean you want to know if i want to get baptized.... and we said, yes... and then she said... "YES, i want to be baptized on the 2nd of february!" If i had been standing, i would have fell over, i was hoping that she would suprise us like that, but i had not gotten my hopes up because i didn't want them to come crashing down.... so when she said yes, i started to cry and i was completely speechless! it took me a good 5 minutes to come up with things to say, because i was completely blown away! I had prayed for a simple conformation such as peace of mind, and Heavenly Father went above and beyond that and gave me a great miracle! He always blesses me above that which i ask for. We as humans ask for what we think seems a huge miracle and then a loving Father goes way beyond our wildest dreams and gives us more than we ever expect!
   I am humbled to be so blessed by heavenly father. I am loving the work, there is discouragement, yes, but there are always tender mercies mixed in with those discouragements. I know that if we could see the eternal perspective that Heavenly Father sees... we would shrink at it's complexities and its vastness....this gospel is truly amazing, and i LOVE being a missionary
   Family, i love you SO much and i hope all is well with Y'all. Thank you for all your love and support and for providing me with this experience that will shape the rest of my life! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior and i lean and rely on them everyday, every hour of every day! They will NEVER fail me and i know this because it is in them that i trust!
   Thank you for sending pics of Kyndras wedding it was so good to see them! i hop you are all well and healthy!
Love you so much
Love Sister Nielsen.

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