Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year -12/31/12

Hey Y'all!!
I can't believe that it is already the new year!
   So there will prbably be some tough situations coming up with in the next few months... I am killing off my mother (trainer) she will be ending her mission on the 9th of January so im kinda freaking out about that, she has taught me well though so im sure ill be fine, but if i could request some extra prayers that would be great!
   It was so awesome to see you all on christmas, i was so glad that it worked out for us to all skype! I was very happy to see you all doing well! That started off my week on the right foot! i was worried that i would be distracted and depressed, but i only felt a little twinge of anxiety the next morning, and was able to push it aside and go to work!
   This week was a fantastic one! I was able to witness my own growth and abilities as i went on (my now third) exchange. On Wednesday after District meeting I went with Sister Young to Hamilton Mill for exchange! I learned so much on this exchange. Mostly I grew even more in my confidence, but the biggest thing that i took from it was the importance of being lovingly bold! Sister Berrett always pushes that trait and she is so very good at being that way, and I wondered if i even had it in me to be bold, but with this exchange, i found my bolder side (it is still under construction, but it is there)... I found myself stepping up and being bold in order to get return appointments, addressing concerns and taking control of the discussions when investigators would take the conversation elsewhere. I was very excited to find that i could do this and because it was done with love and with my purpose as a missionary in mind, it was far less scary than i thought it would be.
   With each new experience i become more and more confident that i can do this work and actually be a desent missionary... some days are still better than others, but i get along and it helps to be in the company of worthy priesthood holders. I had some trouble lastnight with worries about Tenna, i know that she is healthy and that she is making improvements, and i know that the Lords servents are promised that their families will be taken care of, but for some reason i was really worried about her, so i was able to get a blessing of comfort from our zone leaders and it helped significantly! I am so greatful that i get to serve with and around these awesome young men!
    New improvements in the work... we are still working with Sam (the highschooler) she isn't keeping all of the committments that we give her, but she does come to church so we still feel that we are able to work with her. The Lavoie family, as you know were baptized and we met with them last week for their first lesson as members of the church! it was awesome to feel the difference in their home after they had recieved the gift of the holy ghost. James (He is the one who called) is so awesome, i admire him so much! It was really neat, as we taught he stopped us and said " i know this is kind of off topic, but i talkied to Y'alls parents and Sister Nielsen, i talked to your mom and ive been thinking about this ever since she told me that you were bummed that you wouldn't be able to go with us WHEN WE GO TO THE TEMPLE." and then with tears in his eyes he got a little choked up, he said "I just want to let you know that you will be in our hearts when we go." I started to cry. it was so tender, i love this family, i can't even begin to tell you the love that i feel for them. I just wanted to give him the biggest hug... but couldn't being a sister and all... it is times like that, when i really dislike that rule... anyway I loved the fact that he was thinking about it since he talked with mom! that he and his wife have the temple on their minds, because this is the ultimate goal in this life and we as missionaries just get them started by providing the way for baptism! Then we have another investigator Karlin He is the housemate of one of our recent converts, sistere berrett has tried to get him to accept a Book of Mormon and he has refused everytime. One night we went over to visit our RC (recent convert) but she wasn't there, i think i may have told you this story, but we got to talking to karlin instead and he mentioned that he wanted to start a new chapter in his life and i told him that he could with the book of mormon and asked him if he would accept it and he did... any way, he has been reading it, and we are hoping to be able to begin teaching him soon! then there is Clara who is excited about the book of mormon, but has been sick, so we haven't been able to start teaching her, but i know she will be baptized soon!
   The work is going great... I am able to be myself around the other missionaries, my personality has begun to come out and i can actually joke and not feel to increadibley stupid!
   Well family i hope y'all have a good week.
Discover the tender mercies of the lord!
love Sister Nielsen (Dannika)

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