Monday, May 6, 2013

Weathering the disapointments....

Well, this last week was not one of my favorites. 
let me start from the beginning. So transfers happened i got my new comp her name is sister cefalo and she is great! but i'm afraid that i am not teaching her all she needs to be a good missionary, because this week was so rough. So first off, i rained ALL week long so that made it hard to contact anybody... all the appointments we did have fell through and the backups for them were not home... then they changed our district on us so we are no longer with the elders and sisters that we were originally with... that made me sad, cuz i love them so much...  and then, our baptism didn't happen.... i was so certain that everything was gonna go great... but she decided last minute that she wasn't ready for baptism and she dropped us... wow, talk about heart break... after we got in the car, i just couldn't hold it in anymore, and i just cried.... we worked so hard with her and felt the spirit so strongly with her and i KNOW that she knows that it is true! there is no doubt in my mind that she knows it is... she told us that she did and the spirit told us that she did... and to see her know this and turn away... wow... devastating! What did i do wrong, what could i have done better... did i not have enough faith??? ehh... this work can be so frustrating sometimes... So needless to say, this week hasn't been the greatest... and im not so sure i can do this whole training thing... i just don't think im cut out to be a trainer... it seems like things just keep piling up.... 
So i am so excited to talk to you all next week... that will be t he bright spot in my week! I need some happiness! 
I am doing alright though... not depressed which is good, just frustrated... and i know that i can get through it
well family talk to you on sunday... i so look forward to it!
Sister Nielsen  

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