Wednesday, May 22, 2013


SO...I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately and i thought i would get Dannika's take as to how she would answer this question....see her wonderful response!!!!

My Question:
How would you answer this question…We are taught from youth to pray to Heavenly Father and ask for what we need and want....but then we are told to pray for God's purpose.....If God has a purpose, and you are supposed to pray for his purpose, how are you supposed to pray for what you want and think you need….say like…I want my brother to be better and not have cancer anymore…how do I pray for that, if it is heavenly father purpose for him  to not get better. Or do you just pray a generic prayer for heavenly father to let his will happen and for me to be ok with his will…
Dannika's response...and i must say a pretty good one!!!!
Well, i would say that you pray in faith that he gets better, but also pray for the faith to accept the lords will... The lord wants to see if we will put our trust in him. Just because he carries out his will doesn't mean that he doesn't care to hear what we want, sometimes he does things to test our faith and see if we will ask and believe that he can change the situation, and sometimes he does perform the miracle that we ask for and sometimes he doesn't, but, it doesn't mean that we stop believing because we didn't get what we wanted. everything he does is a test of our faith... we are here to walk by faith rather than by sight!

Abraham 3:25 and we will prove them herewith to see if they will do all things whatsoever the lord their god shall command them.
The lord wants us to plead for the things we want, and think about the things we need, but he also wants us to accept his will when things don't turn out the way we expected.
His plan in better than what we have planned and he always attaches blessings to what seem like mishaps in our lives. our job is to seek the blessings by turning to him for comfort, trusting him completely and exercising our faith to accept his will.
If i only take one lesson from my mission, it would be to trust in the lord... ive had to lean and rely on him so much out here and im certain i still don't do it enough... but in the instances that he was the ONLY one i could lean on, i came out a better person because of it! I am only a normal person, but as i trust the lord, i can become what he want's me to be and even though it is hard, i can accept his will more readily
I hope that maybe shed some light on your question... maybe not... but that is just what came... idk
 sounds like you had a pretty great week full of awesome suprises and miracles.. that is great... now could you send some of that my way... ha ha :) 
 have a good week
i love you mom 

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  1. Hi, my name is Kailee Grimnes. I would just like to thank you for this blog. I'll be leaving next week to serve in the same mission and after hearing of Sister Nielsen's experiences I cannot be more excited. I have really felt the Spirit while reading her stories and I already have a love for the people of Georgia! Thank you for sharing :)