Monday, May 20, 2013

The Lord works miracles and he allows me that comfort!

Hey family,
this week was pretty interesting!
after i had talked to you all on Sunday i was feeling pretty home sick so i asked one of the elders to give me a priesthood blessing so that i would be able to concentrate and have some comfort. no big deal, don't be to worried, because the lord works miracles and he allowed me that comfort! the lord is good! i am so glad to be serving with worthy priesthood holders who are always so willing to minister to me when i need comfort!
Tuesday we met a sweet lady ! my comp had a prompting to do some contacting in some neighborhoods but since she doesn't know the area all that well yet, it was left to me to pick one to contact... so i did.. .and we talked to some people, but nothing to promising. once we finished in that neighborhood a thought came to my mind "Go see N***" (she is a potential that we have) This was an odd prompting because i was pretty sure she wasn't home from her vacation yet. she was leaving for 2 weeks to see her mom in Rome Ga. but i decided to do it anyway and if she wasn't home we could contact in her neighborhood. so we drove up the street to her "hood" and i saw her standing outside talking with a friend so i drove past thinking i didn't want to be rude and interrupt her... so about the time i get to the next street i have a thought pop into my head this one a bit mor forceful than the last "turn around and go see N***!" then i thought to myself... am i gonna regret not turning around? the answer was immediate"YES" so i turned around and pulled up in front of her house. Still nervous about interrupting her i forced myself up her drive way and talked to her.
Turns out she ended up not going on vacation because of car troubles and the friend she was talking to was helping her out by giving her rides.. and this was our investigater! she asked us what church we were from and what we believed in and then she said she was 30 years old and had a family and needed to find something that she believed for herself. She asked us to come over next week and teach her more. we introduced the Book of Mormon to her and she seemed pretty intrigued. she said she wanted to discuss why we had to die for adam and eves sin... PERFECT... we have an app for that... and it's called the plan of salvation! wow! im sure glad i followed that prompting!
This week we had to hand off one of our investigators to the elders who are over the Young single adults... bummer but it's better for him because now he can be fellow shipped by people his age...  Stanley G Ellis of the 70 came and spoke at our zone conference! that was way neat... he is form burley!!...  i had my 4th run in with a roach... this time thankfully it wasn't crawling on me... but still just as creepy!... we experienced a baptist bible study complete with speaking in tongues and everything! it was... well it was interesting! weird! but i felt the faith of those four baptist sisters! and they are a great group of women! Gloria is the one whos home it was in and she welcomed us right in and they all started talking to us like we were long time friends it was so great... they taught from the bible, ended with what they call manifestations of the spirit (the speaking in tongues part) and then they gave us an opportunity to teach... they asked us questions and all took a book of Mormon! it was great! we are going again next week too. and hopefully they will come to church with us!... we also went to a Methodist funeral... that was interesting... no tongues were spoken, but the preacher was very theatrical! ha ha and i swear i even heard him stomp his feet a couple o times during his prayer as he felt the spirit... then this morning we and some other missionaries went and toured the hindu temple that is here.... wow that is such a beautiful building! ill be sending a post card from it  when i can get some stamps! it was breath taking. we got ot go inside and see all the different gods they worship and got to take part in one of their ceremonies... it was so neat... I love this work so much it has opened my eyes to so much  i love it
it's been a pretty eventful week
Hope yall are having some fun
i love yall
Sister Dannika Nielsen

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