Monday, July 15, 2013

conversion is not a one time event... it is a life long quest to become like the savior.

Some things learned from the Book of Mormon Challenge  Hmmm... well laman and lemuel... when their father told them of the things he saw in the vision they didn't understand, because they took no thought to ask... but nephi on the other hand went to the lord and asked to be shown the things his father saw and to know the meaning... I wish I could have the faith of nephi... Nephi is one of my favorite Book of Mormon heroes! he has such great faith, but im certain it wasn't always like that, he had to work at it... and that is the key... WORK... we can't just give up every time we don't understand something, we have to believe and trust that the lord will answer in his own time. That is hard for me sometimes to understand especially when I want something now... but growing our faith is a process that takes a lifetime and im sure on through the eternities. I went on an exchange with some sisters before they left to the Atlanta mission... and in their apartment was a saying that I absolutely love " conversion is not a one time event... it is a life long quest to become like the savior." this is so true! on my mission I have discovered a lot, but I have defiantly come to know that a testimony and our faith can be amazingly strong, but they can also be weakened to the point of nothing if we don't constantly "yield to the enticing's of the holy spirit" I have met people with incredible testimonies and then learned all that they have gone through to make their testimonies what they are.. and it isn't just a onetime thing for them, but a life time of constant repentance and exercising of faith. I have also met people who used to have great testimonies... but due to events in their lives they turn away and become bitter and hateful toward the church... these are the kind of people I do not want to become! I loved the talk that Jeffery R Holland gave in this last april conference! he invites us to act on the faith that we do have, however little it may be... even if we don't know things for sure, but we believe they are true, a belief is enough. act on that belief and our Father will help grow that belief into faith and that faith into knowledge...
I wish we could only just believe!


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