Monday, July 8, 2013

I love the Lord!

Hey Family!
Glad to hear that you are all still reading the book of Mormon I am noticing so many more things this time through as well! that is great that you are going to give a BOM to your friend! and as for Kristi, you are absolutely right... all you can do is invite her and then let her use god given right of agency to chose what she wants... testify to her and then let her choose... in Preach my gospel is says that you can know that you are a successful missionary when you feel the spirit bare testimony through you...  
Well I guess your ward could be meeting at 8:30 like our ward here in Lilburn meets... It could be worse... It could ALWAYS be worse.
 I am glad to hear all that you are learning from reading the book of mormon. Please keep sending things that you are learning... I need some inspiration.... this past week was a struggle... I told you about sister cefalo's  toe... well turns out that the rest of our p day on Monday was spent in the ER... the mission doc ordered her to the ER to have it looked at and turns out... it's broken! yep... so they put her on pain killers and antibiotics... and they made her violently ill and so the rest of the week we didn't leave the apartment much at all... talk about cabin fever... then we spent 4th of july evening in the ER again because the antibiotic she was on gave her and infection...(we did get to see some fireworks on the drive home from the ER... silver lining) so needless to say, not a whole lot got done this week and boy did Satan have a hay day with that... I felt miserable all week because we couldn't get out and work, and Satan really made me feel awful about it!
Saturday was better though... sister cefalo was feeling a tiny bit better so I kind of took advantage of it... I didn't push her more than she was willing to push herself though. we went to visit a sister in an assisted living facility. as we made our way to her place I felt sort of uneasy about visiting her... I felt that our time could be used better elsewhere... so I told sister cefalo about what I was thinking and then we decided to go to the park that was near this sisters place and we met a really great couple and we were able to visit with them, and they asked us what the difference was between our church and theirs... so we explained the authority and prophets, but the real miracle happened when I pulled out the extra copy of the book of Mormon I had grabbed from the car before we set out. I told them that the book of Mormon was something else that set us apart from other Christian faiths... then out of nowhere... well not nowhere it was defiantly by the spirit I told them that the book of Mormon could help answer the three questions that all humans ask themselves... where did I come from, why am I here and where am I going? when I said this, the girl asked us... well do you believe in heaven and hell? the spirit took over as I opened my mouth and told her just a bit about the plan of salvation... the spirit accompanied my words and I knew that she felt something! she said she would read the book of Mormon and pray about it! it felt so good to have the spirit bare testimony through me, because I hadn't had the opportunity to feel that very often this week! this is one of my favorite feelings in the world... I knew that what the spirit put into my mind, was what this daughter of god needed to hear! unfortunately they were from south Carolina... but I know that she not only heard some truth but she felt it too... hopefully she will act on those feelings!
Sunday we went over to a sisters home in the ward... she is struggling with some custody issues with her daughter so we went over there to visit with her and I honestly had no idea what we would share with her, but as I just listened to her, the words a scripture kept coming to my mind so I shared it... I had no idea what I was going to say about this scripture, but I just opened my mouth and the spirit was there to back me up and the spirit was so strong as I told her that the savior was with her every step of the way and that he knew how she felt. and then the sister that came with us also bore testimony and it was so perfect! I hope it helped her to feel some comfort. it was a great experience though. it helped me to strengthen my faith in the promise that the spirit will fill our mouths if we follow it's promptings... this is so amazing, I love the experiences I get to have out here. I am realizing what it really means to have the gift of the holy ghost as a constant companion... I am able to realize when I feel the spirit and the situations in which I don't... my entire mood changes... I am a bit on the grumpy/depressed side when I don't have the spirit with me... and I am getting better at being able to consciously realize what the problem is and ask my heavenly father for help and work to change it... like Tuesday for instance... we had district meeting and I wasn't feeling the spirit I was a bit depressed and I let it get the better of me for a while, but then I finally realized what was happening so I said a quick prayer and I asked heavenly father to help me to change my attitude, and give me an opportunity to bare testimony and feel the spirit... almost immediately my district leader called on me to comment on some things and I felt the spirit while I testified of things and then I felt the spirit as another missionary bore their testimony! it was great! I love the Lord!
Well family I hope you are having a great week and I hope that you had an awesome 4th! I love and miss yall


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