Monday, September 30, 2013

A good ole southern hospitality "go to hell"

So yesterday was really tough! we tracted for an hour before our lesson... we came to a door and a man quickly but nicely told us that he wasn't interested and then as he closed the door, in the same sickly sweet tone he said "and you can go to hell!" 
Wow! such a good guy! then our appointment that we were supposed to have fell through... the man cam to the door just yelling at us and saying that he didn't like white people and that they has no right to treat him the way they did... aparently earlier that morning a white couple accued him of something and said that if they didn't pay them 20 dollars they would call the cops... and because he is forigen he paid the money... but he was all sorts of ticked off and hating on white people... can't say that i blame him.. that is pretty rude Then later that night, we knocked on another door and the man came to the door with a gun... ha ha... that is the second time that's happened on my mission.. fun stuff

Well this week was pretty hard! but on thing that i loved that happened this week amidst the hard parts... we met with one of our investigators... we were on exchange so it was me and a different sister, but we had planned on teaching from alma 36 about the repentance and forgiveness of alma... and when i asked if we could start with a prayer, he said he wanted to say the prayer... this was the first time that he had prayed in front of us... and as he offered the prayer he asked Father for forgiveness and he began to cry... as he pleaded with his Father for help to change... tears began to fill my eyes as i thought of how perfect the lesson that we had planned for him was... i thanked him for the beautiful prayer and i expressed to him that i knew that the lesson we were going to share was for him... and i testified to him that he could change and his Father would help him!! the lesson was great! the spirit was so strong... it was a wonderful lesson!!!

well, i hope yall are still reading along with me! 
i love yall hope you have a good week
sister nielsen 
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