Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our God is a God of miracles!

Hey Hey Yall
This week is transfer week... i am staying here in Johns Creek, but bittersweetly (is that even a word...oh well, it is now!! ha ha) i am getting a new companion... Sister Allen will be my new comp... i get to train her on the in's and out's of being a sister training leader... yay... unfortunately i will be loosing sister hamilton... sad days :( i will miss her greatly and hope that i can fill the rather LARGE shoes she has left for me to fill, not only did she leave big shoes, but also took up quite alot of room in these ward members hearts... this ward absolutely loves her and i just hope they can find room enough in their hearts for me... im sad to see her go... i really do love and admire her... but such is missionary life.
Glad to hear that yall are still reading. I have finally caught back up and am now right on track! I would really love it if yall would share some of your experiences with me about how the reading is going, what you think about what you read what miracles you have seen in your life as you have begun reading...etc. i love hearing others insights and especially miracles... those always brighten my day! So please, share with me! Yall are aloud to email me dannika.nielsen@myldsmail.net and with the new rules i can respond to any emails now, so id love to hear from yall! 

Well this week was really good... another hard working week! So sister hamilton and I set a goal this week to have 8 lessons with investigators with a member present... also known as a LIMP for short... getting LIMPs is kind of a struggle but we had been hitting 5 and 6 consistently and this week we had more investigators lined up than we had had in awhile... so we prayed and decided that we could hit 8 this week. so we put that as our goal and then with in two days 2 of our investigators that we had planned on meeting with twice this week, dropped us... so that is 4 LIMPs we wouldn't get... over half our goal.... but we knew that we had prayed about it and that is what we felt good about, so instead of changing it... we decided to go through with it... and something amazing happened this week... all week as we went about trying to achieve our goals, we had 3 former investigators pop back up and we were able to have member present lessons with them and and another new investigator that we had found while tracting one day invited us back the next day and we were able to find a member to come with us! All four of the lost LIMPs were made up... can you believe it!!! I totally and completely amazed at the goodness of God... He is most amazing!! I learned a great lesson that hard work and trust in the Lord brings about miracles! We had no idea where we were going to come up with those 4 extra LIMPs. but as we just went and did, the Lord provided a way for us to achieve our goals!! for a while there we were sweating it, because 4 days into the week we only had 2 LIMPs, but then friday came and that's when the miracle really happened!!  
     Ether 12:6 And now I Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; i would show unto the world that faith is things hoped for and not seen; wherefore dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
This scripture has come to life this week as we really didn't see how it was going to be possible for us to make our goals, but we hoped for things unseen, we disputed not because we felt that it was an attainable goal when we made it so we tried our faith and went to work and it wasn't till then that we were able to see the miracle unfold!! what and amazing week it was alone having met our goal... not to mention all the wonderful people we met and the lessons we had!
I know that as we put our faith to the test and push forward even though we can't see the possible outcomes, the lord will show us miracles! it won't be right away, it may not even happen until you have taken the last step that you think you can possibly take... but the Lord will ALWAYS be there to show you a miracle and keep you from giving up, he will build our faith and we will be stronger for the next trial... open your eyes to the miracles that happen in your life daily, and it will be easier to endure the trials you may be in right now... and if you don't know how to open you eyes to his miracles, i invite you to pray and ask your loving Heavenly Father for help to recognize the miracles he preforms daily! I testify that miracles have not nor will they ever cease as long as faith remains. Our God is a God of miracles! 
Well, im sorry that it isn't a super long email, but i do hope yall know that i have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i know it's true and i know it makes the soul happy beyond description. It's a tough world out there and the trials seem unbearable at times, but i know that with my Father and Savior at my side, i can make it through all things! I am forever indebted to the Father and my Savior. I love them with all my heart!
I hope yall have a great week. Hope that you see lots of miracles i love yall

Sister Dannika Nielsen

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