Monday, September 9, 2013

As we use the atonement in our lives we can let go of the things that keep us bound

Hello Family!
Hope all is well, hope your reading is still coming along! this morning i read mosiah 10 and loved :11-17 it talks about why the Lamanites hated the nephites so much... pretty much wat it says it that the hatred stemmed from laman and lemuel because the thought they were WRONGED when nephi was chosen to rule and when they had to leave Jerusalem and then again when nephi parted from them and took the plates with him.. they said he robbed them... and this was what they told their children and their children told their children... down through the many generations, until the lamanites became mortal enemies to the nephites... it was just so interesting to me that by this time in the book of mormon, lamen lemuel and nephi have been gone for quite some time, but this hatred still lives on... and this hatred has nothing to do with the lamenites that live at this time... they really had no reason to hate them, but since the stories and hatred was taught by their parents... that's just what they know! It is amazing to me how long lasting hatred can be... all because laman and lemuel held a grudge against Nephi... we see the cconstant battle between the two nations... these grudges were so petty too, and they went on to destroy nations... so sad... i know how important it is that we do not hold grudges, because when we hold a grudge, we teach hate whether we mean to or not, but those who watch us, learn hate by our holding a grudge... that may be our children or a companion, a spouse...ect. In church yesterday we learned about the healing power of forgiveness... even though hate is a powerful thing and has lead to the destruction of many nations, the atonement and the love that accompanies this powerful gift is much more powerful.. it can, if it is utilized, erase hate and ease the burden of a grudge... it is stronger then hate. As we use the atonement in our lives we can let go of the things that keep us bound and we can be transformed into a being that is comfortable in the presence of god! i know this to be true... i have seen it in my own life and in the lives of my investigators... the atonement is a powerful thing!
Well family this week hasn't been to eventful, but i have seen many miracles, and i have met some pretty neat people... i hope that you all have a wonderful day and i will talk to yall soon

Sister Dannika Nielsen

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