Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd Letter

Can I say, What a difference a few days make.
I found out that there was a service called dearelder.com. they print and send your letters to your missionary while in the MTC. So since i thought Dannika was having problems, I continued each day to write a letter of encouragment. and hope that she was doing better.
our second letter dated the 24th let us know that she was doing well. still not confortable but that the lord had heard her prayers (and ours, and anyone else who was praying for her).
she had her first discussion, which in her words was "HORRIBLE". she said she cried the whole way thru, she could feel the spirit, but that everything set her emotions into overdrive. Nice to know she really is related to our family of criers.
but she said that when she started her first discussion, her anxiety was replaced with confidence. it wasn't perfect, but she was confident with what she needed to do.
she even said that she was able to answer quesitons in classes and that she was able to talk with the people in her district. I think she said there were about 6. all of who are going to the Georgia mission (which she says isn't common).
she said she still has struggles, but hopes that it will get easier.
It helped ease my worried heart. and she had passed her first week.

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