Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shorter Letters

October 1st almost 2 weeks into her mission...one week of MTC Left.
seems like she must be busy. she did send a letter home for each family member, but they were short and to the point. She said that she had her second discussion She said the lady was very hard to read, but that she had been praying that she could know what the spirit wanted them to teach her. she said that she is doing well and alive and that we don't need to worry. she will leave for Georgia on the 9th. we will get to get a 4 minute phone call from her when she is at the airport at 7:15...so needless to say...i will be a little late for work that day.
It is so fun to read her letters that are so full of the spirit and hear her testimony. It is harder than i thought it would be to not have a real conversation with her, but she seems to be doing well. I will continue to post as we get letters and hopefully pictures from her in the future.

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