Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Day/First Letter

Our first letter dated 9-20-12 I can say left us a little less than excited. She let us know that she had anxiety all night her first night and did not get any sleep. She realized that she had a lot of work to do and learn and had no idea how she would acomplish it. She did say that she continued to pray and knew that Heavenly Father would help her find a way, and she knew this because she had had blessings before leaving. Her faith is strong and she knows it will be a struggle, but she will make it thru. She was also concerned that her new companion "Sister Neff" was also quiet and not very used to communicating. She also said that getting used to having a companion with you 24/7 was a concept she was going to have to take some getting used to.
So it left mom feeling a little anxious as well. scrambling to find thoughs, scripture or anything that might help her thru. We knew this would be a big transition for Dannika as she does not consider herself a people person and not comfortable talking with people she does not know. So you can immagine, our family prayers have been focused on Dannika and that she will adjust well...so the journey begins.

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