Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First area-Suwanee Gerogia

I continue to be amazed by Miracles. I can't believe the letters and emails that I get from Dannika. Someone who was petrified to open her mouth and talk to people has found that by being guided and open to the spirit, the words are there when she opens her mouth. I love getting her letters and emails, they are truely uplifting.
EMail From Dannika yesterday read:

So we all got here last Wednesday at about 12:00 pm. and as i told you in the letter for m the mission home, they put us immediately on the Marta (rail system) with two copies of the Book of Mormon and said "ok, go place these!" I placed my two and i felt really good about it. Once you start, it becomes exciting and i was amazed at what the spirit puts into my mind for me to say to people. Then we stayed the night in the mission home and got to visit with Pres. and Sis. Wolfert, you should have gotten a picture of me with them in the last letter??

The next morning we met our companions! My comp's name is Sister Berrett, and she is great! I've only known her a little less than a week, but it seems like i have known her forever! We are very similar, both are laid back and easy going, but very serious about the work. She is hard working and so passionate, i just love her! Anyway, we went to the apartment to a decorated door from the Elders in the area! Elder Fetuli (from Hawaii) and Elder Yates (from Sun Valley Idaho!) had decorated it to welcome me to the area! (Oh and they both LOVE sushi! so the second day we all wen to lunch at a place called Mori House for sushi!) After putting things away in the apartment we went and met with an investigator named Adrienne... first appointment with an investigator outside the MTC... it went well i really just got to know her a little bit and then we taught her a lesson. i was surprised that i wasn't very nervous. i care so much about gospel and i want so badly for others to hear about it, that i really am comfortable talking about it! Anyway, so Adrienne will be getting baptized on the 20th... all because my awesome lesson!!! ha ha no...... not really, my comp and the sister before me had been working with her for about two weeks before i got her, but yeah this Saturday i will be able to participate in my very first baptism! 
I was so worried that i would not have an attachment to any of the investigators that i haven't worked with personally, but i have been amazed as i have felt my love for Adrienne grow as we have met with her over and over, she is such a wonderful daughter of God, she is kind and wants so badly to serve those around her, but she is not yet in a position to do so, but that desire is so strong. Her spirit is incredible and she really is diligent in doing the things that we ask her to do, to strengthen her faith in Christ. and her prayers.... SO amazing, so innocent and honest. She literally speaks with he Father in Heaven as if he were in the room with her... and she says whatever is on her mind, it is really something special to listen to. We have another recent convert that we have met with, His name is Todd and after meeting with him i was surprised at the love i felt for him as well, he is a very sharp kid so intelligent and he loves the gospel, he is great! We are teaching his family too! 
Ahhh this is all just so exciting i can't wait to experience teaching some one from lesson one to baptism! In fact, we were contacting at Sims Lake Park, its a nature park kind of like Kathrine Albertson Park, but anyway i found a lady walking 3 American bulldogs, and i totally use my knowledge and love for animals as an in, so i just walked up to her and started talking about her dogs and come to find out, she actually loves the missionaries and she said that she used to feed them all the time back in Australia so i just asked her if she would let us talk to her about the church and she agreed!! So we need to call her and set up an appointment for three weeks from now! Hopefully she will be my first! I'm praying for her!

In the MTC we had to do A LOT of role play and practice lessons and i loathed it, so when i got out of the MTC i was happy to not have to role play anymore.... but much to my dismay.... we do it everyday as part of companionship study. At first i really didn't like it, but i defiantly gained a testimony of it last night. As my comp and I were practicing  lessons that we will be teaching, she played the part of one of our investigators and I the missionary. I was teaching, and questions came to my mind that sis Berrett said the investigator really needs to hear. I was able too, to really receive revelation for these people and know what things to discuss... i can't even explain it, but it is just amazing! I have totally changed my opinion on role play.

So we have done a lot of contacting, which i totally expected to hate because i don't possess the talent of talking to or making conversation with people, but i actually enjoy it, not because it is any less awkward or easy, but i have been amazed at how Heavenly Father helps me. If i open my mouth, the words are there. I can not explain it in any other way than by saying it is simply a miracle. I am learning so much from the scriptures as i just sit an read during personal study I'm amazed at what the spirit whispers to my mind. I love being out here, i know that this is going to be the most cherished experience of my life, and i can already see ways that my life will be blessed in the future by this mission!  I hope that you are all finding ways to be missionaries, it is not easy to open up and share our most cherished possession, but we must! Others salvation is hanging on whether or not we open our mouths! If you just open your mouth, the spirit will fill it! i can testify of that! 

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