Monday, October 29, 2012

Update from Georgia-10/29/12

i love temple open houses! great missionary opprotunities. I am so glad that you are praying for missionary opprotunities, I am too! ha ha. I am so glad that you are watching and waithing for them, but sometimes they won't come untill we open our mouths. Sorry... i didn't mean to sound like a pushy missionary... ive just experience that is SO MANY ways... for example the other day we were contacting down this street and there was two gentlemen and they looked as though they would be the least likely people to listen to us, but we went up to them anyway, when we introduced ourselves one started asking questions and we had a pretty good conversation with him and he seemed to really be listening, it was great. The other gentleman didn't want anything to with it, but he was smoking so he stayed outside to finish his cigarett, so he stood there silent while we talked to his friend so maybe he heared a little bit! We can pray and wait foe experiences all we want, and yes maybe some will just fall into our laps, but untill we go out and talk with people... nothing is going to happen and when we do talk with people sometimes the least likely opprotunity will show itself. Continue to talk with mike and kristy, try tying things they say, back into to gospel (sometimes that can be a chore and a half, ive learned, but it can be done) I am glad though that you are doing your missionary work! that make me all sorts of excited!
I think you should definatly take the ASL class! that would be so good for you to do something for yourself! then you could teach me when i get home! sign language is so cool, in the MTC we had an ASL district in our zone, is was so much fun to watch them sign. I always wanted to get into Yoga, i think that would be awesome for you to do too.There is alot of meditation associated with yoga, i think that could help you not only physically, but mentally as well, give you a way to clear your mind of all the negetive things that are stored up, so it might help with your anxiety.
OM word, Ataya will probably die of excitement when she finds out that she gets to go to a george strait concert! tell her to take LOTS of pics!! Oh i am so excited for her! Oh lil Nenna! I almost burst into tears when you tell me all that she can do and say now! she is growing so fast! Awww you should send me pictures of her so i can show her off to all the missionaries! :) How has her health been? I am going to have to probably send you pics in the mail, since i can't download them from my camera... i hope to get some sent soon, im sorry. Give salise a big hug for me when she is up!So, we had a baptism on saturday the 26th, a man named Kevin Nevin, his roommate baptized him, it was a pretty special moment! we are so excited for Kevin. He is one that i came in at the end of teaching him, so i didn't really get to know him a whole lot before he was baptized, but i a constantly amazed, the level at which Heavenly Father allows me to love these people that i hardly know, if it is this great with someone i hardly know, i can't wait to experience the level of love for somone that i get to be with from lesson one to baptism!
We are teaching this family with the zone leaders, while planning for one of their lessons, we had a pretty powerful experience, there were questions impressed upon our minds that they need to hear and we planned a powerful lesson for them and we were stoked adout it!....but the lesson didn't even go anwhere near to what we had planned, but what did happen was just what they needed. i am so greatful that God knows the Lavoies perfectly and He knows exactaly what they will need, and when they will need it in order for them to be confident to enter the waters of baptism. This is truly the Lords work and he is with us!, because we sure could not facilitate the things that happen, being on our own. We have not written off the great planning session that we had, we believe that, that lesson will still help, but just at a later date. Im very excited for that lesson though, because we are going to bare each of our testimonies and then encourage them to share their experience that they have had with the missionaries and the gospel (so in other words, bare their testimonies) hopefully the spirit will bare testimony to them that baptism is the correct choice! this family is so close... well the rest of the family is convinced, it's just James (the dad) that needs to realize that his Heavenly Father loves him and he wants this for him! James is a good man with tremendous faith, he just needs to cut himself some slack. I just LOVE this family!!!
My comp and i have another opprotunity to team teach another family, this time with our district leaders. It's and interesting story. So Elder Yates and Fetuli ran into this man while contacting last week they began talking to him and he is SUPER elect! He came to church on sunday and wants to be baptized, but his wife is anti! she has been researching all this anti mormon material and is so against his decision. But sunday night, the elders called us and told us that they had just gotten off the phone with Joey (the investigator) and Joey told them, "elders, god is with us! I talked to my wife and she has agreed to listen to you, but she wants to talk with the sisters!" HOW GREAT IS THAT!!! so sometime in the next week, we will be team teaching with the elders! i am SO excited i am praying like crazy that we can be very sensitive to the spirit so that we can touch this woman with the words that her Heavenly Father needs her to hear!!! i am super stoked!

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